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Tea at Her Majesty's Tea Room


I was lucky enough to enjoy a real treat today, a tea/luncheon in the most beautiful shop. It's located in Dunlap here in Illinois and it is called "Her Majesty's English Tea Room"

Tearoom4.3The entrance welcomes you with a typical English cottage garden spilling over in every direction with posies, blooms and herbs and vegetables. There are stepping stones that lead you to the front door and when that door is opened it is like being transported across the pond!!

It is filled to the rafters with everything imaginable that could be considered "British"! And I LOVE it all!! There was not one thing in this store that I would not be happy to take home with me!! Every nook and cranny is filled with the most beautiful of treats!

There are clothes, home decorations, teas and treats, teapots and teacups galore! We got there early so that we would be sure to have time to browse, but I'm certain that I could have spent several hours in there and still would have missed much that was being offered.













There is an adorable little "shed" in the middle of the store with flowers and toy stuffed goats on the roof and it is filled with all sorts of whimsical fairies and such.  

I love the brightly colored galoshes to wear in the garden when one just has to be sloshing about in the muck! Unfortunately, I already have a pair of dull blue ones, so I couldn't justify buying another pair just because they were "totally adorbs"! Poo!

Tearoom4.3..3 Yes, there is even a real honest-to-goodness London cab in the shop!! How they got it in I will never know, but what a surprise to walk into the back room and find it sitting there covered with even more goodies!







When we finally were seated after our exhaustive adventures we were all treated to our very own 3 tiered tray filled with sweet and savory goodies!  Oh my, what delish-ish-ness! Is that even a word?

There plentiful pots of steaming tea to accompany our treats with exotic names like Long Island Cola. There was even a pitcher of sweet peach iced tea also.

All in all, it was a wonderful way to spend a Saturday afternoon, surrounded by the laughter of friends and the beauty of all things British!

Well, I did what I set out to accomplish. So many times I have taken pictures of an interesting place that I have been to or an event that I attended fully intending to write a blog post about it when I got home. You can see how often I have done that by my sparse or non-existent posts! lol.  So, anyway, I did it....and I only cried once, (for quite a while I have to admit) when the photos insisted on coming in SIDEWAYS!!!! Awwkkkk!! I did actually figure it out all by my "widdle self"! I had taken the pix on my phone and had it at a weird size setting. So this is all a learning curve and for someone who is NOT tech savy it is tough. But I shall soldier on..... now I just have to hope it doesn't disappear into cyberspace when I hit the publish button.


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