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My Past Career

Mother-Engraving-GraphicsFairy-thumb-150x150Since I am an "empty nester" I'm at a point in my life where I want to build a new career and direction to go with my life. At first when I was thinking about this, I thought " I never worked in an office or had a "job" so I didn't have a career." But in thinking about it, I realized that I did indeed, have a career and it was the only one that I ever wanted to have, being a mother. Yup, I have a college degree, but having a family and being a mother was all that I really ever wanted to do with my life!

I was the only child of a divorced woman and in the late 50's and early 60's that was quite an unusual thing to be! I never met my father although I found out when I was an adult that he lived in a town not very far from where I had lived until I was eight years old. I lived with my grandparents until my mother and I moved 300 miles away two weeks before President Kennedy was shot. I can still remember walking down the hall in my new school and seeing the black and white TV screen showing all of the chaos that was going on in Dallas on that fateful day. Even in second grade I knew that something big had just happened to our country.

 So then it was just mom and me in a big new town. She never did remarry so I didn't have any siblings or even step-brothers or sisters. Needless to say it was a very lonely way to grow up.

As I was growing up I also dreamed of marrying a man with lots of brothers and sisters, to make up for my lack of siblings. Did that happen? No, of course not!! I married another only child! What are the chances! Well, anyway, it's over and done with!

So my three children and two grandchildren are the most precious things to me on this earth.

I am so very blessed to have them in my life and am so honored to be their mother and grandmother.

I am very lucky indeed!

I'm telling you all of this to illustrate why having a family of my very own was all that I ever really wanted in my life. I went to college and took classes and graduated with a degree in Studio Art.  But having my own family was what was foremost in my heart.

I never thought ahead to the time when my babies would be all grown up and leaving the nest. Somehow it always seemed so far away.......and now it has arrived, whether I want it here or not. It is out of my control and I hate that! But kicking and fussing and making myself miserable doesn't do anything but ........make me miserable, so I have to put my big girl panties on and get going on this next season of my life!

I'll be turning 60 this November.  I am extremely grateful to have made it to this age. There are too many people that I know who were not so lucky.  They never got to choose what they would like to do "with the rest of their life". 

So, I have a lot of work ahead of me, trying to navigate the choppy seas of life and attempting to make some mark in this life and I would like to leave the world a better place. 

I am hoping that my blogging will follow my journey in discovering myself and why I am here and what I am supposed to do with this gift of life that I have been given!

Amelia Rose



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