Artful Quotes ~ Creativity is.......

Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep. ~ Scott Adams

Talk about paper arts (what stamping and scrapbooking are considered) being the perfect hobby!! The wonderful thing about being a paper artist is that our medium is disposable....and cheap!! Paper also has 2 sides!! If you stamp something and you don't like it, just flip it over!!  It is so NOT a big deal!! The stamping police aren't watching over your shoulder saying "Oh my God, look at that!! hahaha!!!" Into your garbage it can go if after 2 tries you are still not happy!!

Let yourself try things ~ I might suggest that you try something on a piece of scrap paper first if it is something new for you!!

Try something several times and in different ways. You'll be surprised at what you thought would work and didn't!! And something that sounds totally off the wall may turn out to be perfect for your use. 


Don't hesitate to experiment ~ so many times in the act of doing, a new idea pops up in your mind and that idea might just lead you to new heights. 
Have fun with the art that you create!

Live your passion everyday!

Thanks for stopping by!

Amelia Rose