Christmas Countdown ~ 45 Days!


Well, fellow crafters and artists, Christmas is getting closer every day!  Now we only have 45 days left and I'm sure, if you are like me, you have a lot to accomplish in these next few weeks!

This is a very busy time for our family, lots of birthdays ( my daughter, Justyn is Nov. 10th, I'm the 13th, my husband is the 2oth and just for good measure our golden, Murphy is the 11th) plus all the usual holidays. It really used to be crazy when the kids were little and we had major Halloween costumes and parties thrown in too. I always felt that I had to create homemade costumes and loved designing and sewing them, but it did add a huge amount of pressure to my already filled to overflowing schedule. But I loved every minute of it!  What great memories my kids have of being pirates and favorite soccer players compleate with bloodsoaked head bandages!! Haha, sounds fun, doesn't it? It was!

I want to make these holidays special for my family again this year and that takes a lot of planning!

My daughter and I are participating in a Chriskindlemart (I hope I spelled that correctly) the weekend after Thanksgiving and I am busy making things to sell at it. Right now I am in the midst of designing and creating some fabulous flowers made out of fabric. I took a trip to several fabric stores and I have found some of the most gorgeous fabric I have ever seen in my life!! So many sparkles and silks and sheens, oh my!! My head was just spinning with ideas and I wanted to buy all of them!! Cooler heads prevailed, (yes, my husband came along...) but I did come home with a nice assortment of colors and textures. I can't wait to share them with you! They will be worth the wait, I promise you!

I'm off to play in my fabric garden!!

Live a passionate life!

Amelia Rose

The adorable Christmas tray can be purchased from Victorian Trading Company here.