Lily Rose's Birthday page!

15 minute page_2-010
  I was just playing around with the "My Digital Studio" program before "Dancing with the Stars" started.  I designed the page in about 5 minutes with this easy template and then I wanted to see if I could figure out how to upload and post it here. Wow, I guess I did okay with it!! Shocker !! I am sooo "untechie"!! Now, I can share lots more of the things that I have fun creating this cool digital program!!

So I thought that "Dancing with the Stars" was good!! Holy cow, so many of the stars were GOOD!!! It is going to be a tough competition this season!! It should be fun!!

And that brings me to "Castle", my very favorite show!! That was fantastic!! I can NOT believe they left us hanging like that at the end of this first part! The writers just love toying with us poor fans! How do they expect us to wait a whole week to find out what happened to Beckett. Sheesh!!! I love Nathan too!! He's my weekly shot of "friskiness"!! And we can never have too much "frisk" in our lives, right?? lol

Thanks for stopping by!!