Friday Art Chat

Today I'd like to continue discussing the "Shabby Chic" style and give some hints on how to achieve it. 

French_furniture_shabby_chic_shop_2lavender Barn Shopuk

I found this picturere on-line from the Lavender Barn shop in the UK. Shabby chic usually has the look of time-worn features and often the things are distressed, in other words they have peeling or worn off paint, lots of froufrou or swirls and a look of ornateness. Most of the pictures that I found when I googled "shabby chic" had an abundance of white or light colored objects. I really didn't realize that that was true. I thought that it just had to have an old look about it. So I guess you learn something new everyday, eh?


Here is another example of a "shabby chic" style of decorating, and again it is predominantly white!! I love the roses and soft dusty pinks that are included in this bedroom and I could easily see using this as an inspiration piece for a project.

When I am creating a project in the Shabby Chic style I usually do lots of sponging with ink all around the edges of the card and I also sponge on any and all layers that I have included. I have found that once I start sponging, everything has to have a touch of sponged ink on it or else it stands out like a sore thumb. Before you make the decision to sponge on a project make sure you have enough time to do it properly and fully! I think it is always worth the extra investment in time, but if you are in a hurry to finish your project maybe the sponging is best left for another one!

I also like to add flowers in some way, shape or form when I am doing a shabby project. Designer paper with lovely blossoms works very well as does simply stamping various flowers on the piece. The flowers can also  be punched out or cut out and then added as embellishments. You can even gussy the flowers up with a little glitter, ink or pearls before you add them to your project.

An abundance of "pretty things" is the key to achieving the shabby look!


Here is a beautiful card that I received this week from my friend, Penny ~ am I not the luckiest person!! She used the Vintage Vogue stamp set and I think that this design really shows it off!! And I love the colors she chose ~ she kept it to just 3 ~ Rose Red, Pretty In Pink and Old Olive.  Oh and the butterflies add the perfect balance on the card. It is perfection, simply perfection!! Thank you Penny!!

Tomorrow I am off to an all day crop ~ 9am to 9pm!! Yikes, I hope I have packed enough to keep me busy for all of that time!! I always worry about that and end up bringing  way too much!! I can't wait to spend the day with my scrappin' girlfriends!